Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu, shmine flu

Last night I lamented to a friend how I couldn't seem to find a swine flu/fashion connection so I could comment about it here.

But lo and behold, it was plopped right into my lap this morning through the miracle that is Google Reader. NY Magazine's "The Cut" reports the disease--or rather the fear of the disease--is impacting the luxury goods market, too. You see, people usually buy Gucci purses and Prada shoes while vacationing and now people are too afraid to vacation. To combat this inevitably temporary sales slump, the girls at "The Cut" implore designers to manufacture chic face masks to replace the hospital-like ones paranoid individuals have been reportedly been wearing on the streets of NYC.

This scare seems eerily similar to the bird flu and SARS and Anthrax and all that so I asked ChaCha last night how many people die every year from the flu, just the plain old flu. The answer was 36,000 Americans each year. Swine flu has killed 160 or so, in the entire world. Um, yeah.

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